VOX — the first third-party application to launch with DevMate

Two weeks ago an awesome application was released with the help of DevMate. VOX — a simple, yet functional music player for OS X.

Vox music player

As our old friends, the developers of VOX agreed to try out DevMate functionality even before we prepared the service to launch CleanMyMac 2.

It turned out that DevMate was exactly the tool for VOX beta-testing, since it included all the required components, such as distribution, crash and feedback reporting.

Since the first public beta of VOX in March 2013 and up to the official release date on August 6th it reached more than 50 thousand downloads, which is a huge number for any Mac application. Moreover, the development team came up with a number of updates, which were downloaded for more than 160k times. VOX developers received and processed about 2000 crash reports during beta testing.

Vox team

VOX Team

The most important fact about these numbers is that the development team has significantly improved the application thanks to the built-in Feedback Reporter, which helped VOX reach it’s #1 rating in the Mac App Store in a matter of hours.

Top apps in the Mac App Store

In turn, VOX helped us, MacPaw improve DevMate. We have simplified product addition process and distribution setup. It helped us understand the ways other developers work with their products and process data, how they prepare new builds for updates.

Currently VOX is being exclusively distributed on the Mac App Store, however, it still uses DevMate’s problem reporter for quick feedback processing and rapid product improvement.

Vox Feedback form

The fact VOX confidently holds the #1 Top Free position in more than 70 countries with more than 100,000 downloads, speaks for its quality and attention to detail. 

In the nearest future we are about to tell you how important the in-app Feedback Form is for any application.

Stay tuned!