OS X Analytics Mobile App for iPhone is Here

We know our users are all passionate techies more than it’s statistically possible. We know how often they check on their mac app analytics and how disconnected they feel when away from their computers.

That’s why we’ve created the missing link — DevMate mobile app.

OS X Analytics Mobile App for iPhone

While it doesn’t have all the riches of the full platform, the info is more than enough to keep track of your mac apps. For instance, with DevMate mobile app you have instant access to your OS X analytics:

  • Downloads: Compare downloads for weeks or months to track the dynamics.
  • Installs: Know the conversion rate of downloaders into actual app users.
  • Sales: Check on the number of sales anytime you need.
  • Revenue: See your revenue growing real-time even when you’re not on your Mac.

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DevMate keeps getting better and better and there’s no stopping it. We’ve just come to our senses after DevMate’s Free Version celebrations and now there’s another reason to feel proud.

Join DevMate, we have even more up our sleeves!