How we launched CleanMyMac 2 with DevMate

CleanMyMac2 & octopus

 In 2010 we first thought about making our internal automation services available for other developers. This is where the story of DevMate — a service uniting everything you need to release, control and support applications for Mac — takes its beginning. 

Two years were spent on finishing DevMate’s frameworks, polishing its design and functionality and making the service overall ready for testing.

CleanMyMac2 developing

In the end of 2012 we started testing CleanMyMac 2. Most of the DevMate modules were working stably by that time and helped to address most of the problems you face on product launch.

Automatic Updates

When starting CleanMyMac 2 beta testing, we knew we’re going to release updates frequently. Back then every release could lead to server overload. Thankfully, DevMate provides info on the amount of traffic used and the approximate number of our beta testers, which makes it possible to plan how the hardware will be loaded. With the help of the updates module we successfully released three beta versions and eventually revealed CleanMyMac 2 to public.

CleanMyMac2 distribution on Devmate

Now all DevMate’s services run on Amazon servers. They are powerful enough to easily handle thousands of requests per second when we release CleanMyMac 2 updates. The module itself is responsible for the distribution cycle of the app, including the version currently available on the site and updates. You can even notice that the download link on the CleanMyMac 2 site already points to DevMate’s service.

Licensing System

The licensing module in DevMate consists of a special framework, a protection system and a dedicated licensing server. Since we promised all our CleanMyMac users a free upgrade to CleanMyMac 2, DevMate’s licensing module was automatically copying an existing user license to a new database on the first CleanMyMac 2 launch.

CleanMyMac2 activations on Devmate

To promote CleanMyMac 2, marketers also used DevMate to generate multiple licenses for different marketing campaigns and automate license generation for partners and affiliates. DevMate’s licensing system indeed makes it much easier to manage user licenses.

Crash Reporting

Crash Reporter is the module that helped the CleanMyMac 2 team learn what should be fixed and improved in the app. For the 6 months that have passed since the release of the first beta version of CleanMyMac 2, users sent more than 13,000 crash reports and over 9,000 exceptions.

CleanMyMac2 crash statistic

Received and successfully handled issues during CleanMyMac 2 beta testing.

Thanks to the task-oriented interface of DevMate’s problem reporting module, our developers could easily handle the enormous inflow of user reports. Identical crashes and exceptions are being grouped in order to minimize the amount of time, required to process them. Any user can be easily contacted for more information if necessary. These are only a few of the vital features that help to handle problem reports, thus improving your product in the shortest possible terms.

CleanMyMac2 crash reports on Devmate

The Crash Reporter module is based on an open source engine. It offers crash reporting services for OS X, can handle crash reports and send them, and also works with sandboxed apps. Its functionality is great in terms of both Mac app store and non Mac App Store applications. Eventually, we improved it and added a lot of handy features.


User feedback is very important for every developer, but people rarely write reviews. They don’t do it at all, if their application works fine. That is why we decided to put a big and noticeable button in the beta version of CleanMyMac 2, and asked our testers to use it. 

CleanMyMac2 user feedback on Devmate

Suddenly, we started receiving up to 30 user reviews a day. They contained notes, criticisms and praises, of course. Now we get a half less reviews, but kind words about the app creators motivate our developers to work wholeheartedly.

Life After Release

Finally, the time has come to release CleanMyMac 2. It was a moment of truth that showed that the DevMate team efforts weren’t useless. Everything was great. We had over 60,000 downloads on the release day alone

CleanMyMac2 downloads in release day


Thanks to the thought-through mechanism, the update process was clear and fast for existing users. When we published this blog post, more than 55% of CleanMyMac users had successfully migrated to CleanMyMac 2. The total number of downloads has now surpassed 1 million.

CleanMyMac 2 is the first full-fledged product that was used to test DevMate. During the testing phase we enhanced the service for practical needs and introduced a few major improvements in design and functionality. Now we are sure that it’s time to go further and reveal DevMate to public.

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