How to Fix Consequences of the Last Apple Update

Lisence activation

As you may already know, yesterday Apple has released a new Security Update to the OS X 10.11 that caused a serious issue: it disabled Ethernet port on the Mac OS X. That was reported by a lot of consumers and posted on the Internet, at MacRumors for instance.

The main trouble here is that the update was silent and affected lots of computers worldwide, especially iMacs and MacBooks Pro.

Due to some DevMate activation system nuances, this failure may cause your application to lose its license.

We’ve discovered two different cases here:

  1. Application license was disabled and ethernet port was reset. Here’s resetting and re-entering activation code helps.
  2. Application license was disabled and ethernet port was not reset: this is the case when your users will get the message: “Please provide us with your username for the product”, which is a worse scenario.

Here’s what we can suggest here (this solution works but considered to be a bit risky even the .plist file regenerates automatically):

As risky, but an effective step, we’d suggest opening the /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ folder and deleting the NetworkInterfaces.plist file, following the action with a restart.

Hopefully, that helps. We’re working hard to find other, safer solutions, so stay tuned.