DevMate Beta for Windows Developers is Out Now

DevMate for Windows Developers

DevMate has proven to be a true friend to Mac developers. It helps create and sell Mac apps, lifting a great deal of work off developers’ shoulders. In fact, devs like it so much that we kept getting requests, especially from those who develop for both Mac and Windows, to tailor DevMate to Windows.

That is why from now on all the great features (licensing, distribution, analytics, crash reporting, and customer feedback management) are now available to those who develop apps on Windows.

This is a huge step for us and we hope you’re just as excited! Windows is a vast, potent market and now you have all the means to conquer it.

DevMate for Windows

At MacPaw, we have our own success story with DevMate on Windows. Our CleanMyPC product (cleaning utility for Windows computers) runs on  DevMate Windows framework. It allows us to easily sell it, continuously improve it, and give our customers a stable, swiftly working app. And, we also have cliebnts who already benefit a lot using DevMate on Windows.

"DevMate is a treasure chest. Our bestseller iMazing runs on both PC and Mac, so we had to have a solution that covers both and there was none before DevMate. Now that it has Windows framework, we’ve got everything we need to support iMazing, and it’s super convenient".

DigiDNA, creators of iMazing