Together We’re Complete: DevMate Is Merging with Paddle

DevMate Is Merging with Paddle

We’re thrilled to finally be able to share some exciting news with you all… DevMate is joining forces with Paddle, providing our customers with an end-to-end toolkit for building, managing and selling software online.

We’ve often toyed with the idea of developing an in-house ecommerce solution to sit alongside DevMate over the last three years, carefully weighing up the pros and cons. Through our work with other payments providers over this time we have gained an in-depth understanding of what it takes to provide a really great service in this space, and the decision ultimately was a no-brainer. By merging with Paddle, we now have an ideal partner who believes, as we do, that software should be easy to build and sell online. Together we are perfectly placed to create the best solutions to solve the challenges that software developers face today when launching their products online.

DevMate + Paddle Team

Like ourselves, Paddle is well established, and shares our values and vision for the future of software. Paddle works with global software businesses across every platform, enabling developers to spend more time building their products, and less time billing.

We’re sure you’ve got loads of questions about this deal, and we’ve set up an announcement page here and a FAQs page here.

We’re thrilled to share this new stage in our history with you guys, and rest assured you’ll be in the best of hands. With DevMate’s market leading application management tools combined with Paddle’s platform for billing and subscriptions, we’re sure you’ll agree that the integrated DevMate + Paddle platform provides the easiest way for software businesses to get back to doing what they love - building great products.

Which has been DevMate’s goal all along!