DevMate is finally released.

DevMate team

After 4 great years, DevMate has arrived. We’ve spent hours on every detail, have reworked entire sections from scratch, and polished everything up to make it all work perfectly. And now, we’ve officially released DevMate, an indispensable tool for you and hundreds of other indie developers and vendor companies. We’re proud that over 50 developers are already using DevMate and among them are some industry leaders, including:

DevMate customers

We’ve been working day and night to deliver a best-in-class platform for OS X developers for distributing applications outside the Mac App Store. DevMate offers invaluable possibilities which allow you to create better apps easily, analyze your app performance on the market, and increase your revenue.

With the official release of DevMate, developers get a more stable product, improved performance, and all-new features and functionality. We have incredible plans and ideas as to how to make DevMate even more sophisticated and, at the same time, the ultimate platform.

We’re really grateful to everyone who tested and helped us all-the-process-long, inspiring and helping us create a better product. We will work even harder to make DevMate the perfect platform all for you.

4 Years of Dedication

A look back at everything that went into DevMate