DevMate got a major update: DevMateKit and Customers section.

The DevMate 1.0b6.8 update has been recently released. This mysterious version number brings major updates and changes. Here’s a brief summary of this update:

  • DevMateKit combines all DevMate’s frameworks.
  • The Customers section has been redesigned from scratch to help make the workflow more intuitive and allow the block license option.
  • Subscription-based selling model is now supported by DevMate’s Activations.


Initially, DevMate provided five frameworks, for licensing, issue reporting, update delivery, tracking and feedback collection. Now, all these frameworks joined into one DevMateKit for quick and easy integration with your application. Moreover, a step-by-step wizard is provided to make integration as smooth and effortless as possible.

Integrate DevMate Kit

DevMateKit uses a unique library called Kevlar. This static library uses RSA signature verification, RSA and AES-256 encryption algorithms for interaction with server and storing encrypted data locally. It provides extra protection and security for your application and significantly reduces the risks of your application being cracked.

For our current users, we highly recommend integrating the new DevMateKit into your app(s), since DevMateKit includes updated activations, issues, feedback, and tracking, which are all required for proper interaction with DevMate. To make the migration process easier, please follow this instruction:

The Customers Section 

We also like to call it “the simple CRM”, as it’s specifically focused on developers and support teams needs. It’s a database of your customers that includes their most important information: contact info, order number, activation information (along with activation key), and purchased products. The Customers section was completely redesigned to work as a simpler interface with easier navigation.

The most important new feature in the Customers section is the block license option. It’s now possible to block license keys manually after a customer has been refunded.



If you’re selling your apps using a subscription-based sales model, which requires constant charges and (in return) provides customers with software usage for a limited-time, look no further. DevMate’s activations and FastSpring integration give you all the necessary tools to fulfil the subscription model in your application.

DevMate is still in beta testing, release is expected to be in a month. If you’d like to try DevMate and experience all its benefits, you don’t need to wait a month — Sign up today!